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What makes the most quintessential British wedding? With wedding season in full swing there are many decisions brides and grooms need to make. From food, wedding venues, wedding favours and more, it’s no wonder that planning a wedding is considered one of the most stressful things you can do.

With so many options around it’s hard to decide what is the right vibe for your wedding. If you want that traditional feel, we have exactly what you need. So let’s look at what makes a quality quintessential British wedding.

British wedding lunch

The first meal you will share with your bride or husband will be the wedding lunch. A traditional sit down affair where the best man makes a speech along with a few sentimental wishes from family members. 

What are traditional British foods you can serve at this sit down lunch?

British starters

A starter is something that tickles the taste buds and gives you just enough to want to eat more. Light and refreshing starters are usually the most popular, but it’s your wedding and you get to choose what you want to eat at your wedding lunch. 

Prawn cocktail – this seafood classic is a crowd pleaser. Light and refreshing, it’s sure to get your taste buds excited before a main event.

Savoury tarts – you can have anything from quiche to smoked salmon tart, courgette and caramelised onion. A savoury tart is sure to please all.

British mains 

If there is anything we British do best it’s our main dishes. Full of hearty veggies and delicious meats, it’s no wonder we all look forward to the main.

Beef wellington – A true British classic. Tender beef wrapped in pastry with seasonal veggies and delicious potatoes on the side. 

Roast chicken – Chicken is becoming a firm favourite amongst the wedding crowd, if you ask us it never left! Juicy roast chicken with all the trimmings is sure to keep everyone happy.

British desserts

A true British desert doesn’t hold back. Full of indulgent creams and sweetness it’s one of the best parts of a three course sit down wedding lunch.

Eton Mess – Eton mess, or any meringue with cream and fresh fruit is a welcome dessert at any wedding. Nothing says quintessential British wedding like whipped cream, fresh British strawberries and sweet and crunchy meringue. 

Bread and butter pudding – A true British delight, this humble dessert can be made into a delicious decadent delight. Use brioche bread, caramel sauces, and beautiful British summer fruits to make this classic dessert classy. 

British wedding food for your reception evening 

While you would think the food stops at the wedding lunch that is further from the truth. After your wedding lunch you are bound to dive headfirst into the reception. This is where the party starts, and you can’t have a wedding reception without more food. 

British fish and chips

Nothing says quintessentially British like fish and chips. Hire yourself a fish and chip trailer to have freshly battered and fried fish and chips at your wedding reception. 

British BBQ

If you’re going for that classic Woodstock vibe, consider a twist on British BBQ. Get yourself a grill and have a dedicated BBQ at your wedding reception.

Best British wedding favours

Now you have some ideas for the best British wedding foods, let’s look at the wedding favours. 

A wedding favour is a token of your appreciation for the guests’ attendance. Keep in mind the word token. A small gesture is enough, so don’t go too crazy and blow the budget on those wedding favours. 

Sugared almonds

A true classic wedding favour is sugared almonds. Wrapped in delicate organza these can be a lovely little token for wedding guests.


When we talk about rock, we don’t mean the things you find on the ground, we’re talking about that sugary-sweet stick of rock in fruity flavours or classic mint. Little sticks of rock are a true British classic and we think can work as the perfect token. 


These can be anything from personalised thimbles, keyrings, or miniature glass figures. Anything that symbolises your union as bride and groom. 

The quintessential British wedding is one that showcases the personality of those being wed. Be sure to focus on what you want and enjoy, after all it is your day.

Looking for something truly British for your wedding? Why not hire our vintage fish and chip trailer? Stubbington will come to your wedding venue and provide you with classic fish and chips on site and fresh! 

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