Networking is a brilliant way to build new business relationships. But the issue many have with networking is how awkward it can feel initially. When you first meet a group of people, there can be a lot of apprehension and nervousness.

Icebreakers are designed to break the ice. They are used to help create communication and connections between people who haven’t met before. From sharing embarrassing moments, to a quick introduction; icebreakers, when used effectively, are brilliant at getting the crowd engaged. 

Do you want to make it more engaging? We hear you, that’s why we have some brilliant ideas for creating a corporate event that has networking with a twist. 

Bring people together with food

You know how you make people happy? You feed them. Nothing brings people together like food, and if you can include great food at your corporate event you probably won’t need any other games or activities going on. 

It’s easy to create hype around lunch, make it known that there will be amazing food and it will sure to break the ice for people. Think outside the box and look at things like a fish and chips trailer, every British person loves a good fish and chips. Why not include it in your corporate event?

Two lies and a truth 

Two lies and a truth can be a brilliant way to break the ice at corporate events. With this game each person has to stand up and tell two lies and a truth, the rest of those in attendance have to guess which one is true. This is great fun for getting to know those at the event and really gives everyone a chance to have a laugh and be creative in coming up with those lies. 

Quick fire quiz

We all love a quiz, so why not split the group up into teams and create your very own quick fire quiz? Scour the internet for some pop culture questions and use youtube for a fun timer. Have the team shout out their team name for a chance to answer the question. Make it interesting. Throw in some questions relating to your business to up the ante. 

Solve the conflict

Solving the conflict provides your corporate event attendees with the opportunity to improve their team working skills and communication skills. Present each team with a problem they need to solve and see the magic happen as each group has to solve the conflict. Make it extra difficult and use real world events that are difficult to solve. 


Charades aren’t just for a family game night. Charades offer a fantastic opportunity for people to communicate with each other without using words. They have to think creatively and work together to express what they need to showcase. 

Watch as the fun evolves while people try and guess what is being acted out in front of them. This builds teamwork and confidence as it gets people up and in front of the group performing in a way they wouldn’t otherwise do in a corporate setting.

There are many ways to make corporate networking events fun. Think about who the event is for and what the purpose of the event is and build your activities around that. 

If you are looking for a tasty treat Stubbington’s fish and chips trailer can attend any event to provide freshly battered fish and chips for your attendees. 

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